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To isolate unwanted machine vibration, it was once sufficient to mount the offending equipment on a piece of cork or felt. But today, with greater knowledge and higher expected standards, this traditional solution is usually inadequate, both in large building structures and in the general industrial environment.

In building construction, improved design allows lighter but inherently more flexible structures to be used. At the same time, increasingly powerful air-conditioning and auxiliary equipment is needed and may often be installed in upper level plantrooms. Equipment vibration can therefore be a major problem in such structures. Similarly in general industry, the output of vibration producing equipment is increasing whilst the community and workforce demand improved living and working conditions, free from vibration or structure-borne noise. Both situations require engineered vibration control systems which give predictable results appropriate to the surrounding environment.

Good quality, cost-effective isolators of high RPM mechanical equipment

Single and double deflection, good for medium RPM mechanical equipment

Increased static deflection for high isolation efficiency

Highest isolation efficiency for critical applications

Rubber, spring and spring-rubber combination isolation hangers

Spring mounts offering multi-directional flexible restraint for seismic zones