Pad Mounts

Pad mounts are a low cost isolator, effective for machinery and equipment with higher disturbing frequencies such as small airconditioners, business machines, machines tools, etc. Pad mounts are also an effective isolator of shock.

Shearflex, Supershearflex and Corkrib are the standard Embelton pad mounts, offering static deflection up to 3.5mm. Multiple pad layers, interleaved with metal plates, can be used to offer higher static deflection. All pad mounts can be bonded to flexplates where load spreading is required, or where the machine base is provided with leveling screws. Corkrib has a flatback option when it must be bonded on one side to a flat surface. Corkrib also offers good damping properties.

ImpactaMat rubber acoustic floor underlay can also be used as a pad mount.

Selecting the correct pad mount

Determine the load the pads are to support and assess the area available for the pad under the equipment. Using the Isolation Efficiency Chart obtain the natural frequency required, and select the pad and number of layers using the graphs shown on each datasheet.

Download Embelton pad mount datasheets below.