Resilient Ceiling Hangers
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Occupied areas in a building can be affected by noise generated in the level immediately above.

Embelton ceiling isolation hangers are designed to break the structural path of noise and vibration transmission between the upper and lower floors. The rubber element has the ability to deflect and absorb frequencies generated through building structures.

Designed to suit any type of suspended architectural ceiling, our products can be fitted with rods, wires, hooks or with furring channel clips. The floor above can be a concrete slab, exposed timber, steel purloins, or timber joists.

Embelton ceiling hangers provide superior noise isolation performance due to their higher static deflection characteristics. For good isolation, a minimum of 3mm static deflection is essential. The hangers are available in a range of different combinations of deflection, attachment and composition to suit any project.

Download Embelton ceiling hanger datasheets below.