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For environments where isolation of noise and vibration is paramount to ensure optimum acoustical performance, such as music auditoriums or theatres, or applications where there are high levels of impact noise and vibration, such as sports floors, bowling alleys and gymnasiums, consideration should be given to installing a rubber or pad mounted floating floor.

Occupied areas in a building can be affected by noise and vibration generated in adjacent areas, whether airborne sound, impact noise or general vibrations. Isolation of the source is preferred to the treatment of the resulting effects.

Bowling alleys in multi-purpose buildings generate a significant level of vibration requiring a high level isolation. Of major importance is also utilizing a system that maintains lane level over time.

For isolation of gymnasiums to absorb impact vibration, benefiting the gym users by absorbing shock, as well as isolating noise and vibration for other occupants, a floating floor on resilient rubber mountings often offers the required performance. For highest levels of noise isolation, in multi-storey buildings for example, a floating floor over resilient rubber mountings, further floated over a concrete floating floor will be required.

Download Embelton timber floating floor datasheets below.