Tattersalls Club, Sydney
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Project Description

Built in 1991 by Multiplex , with Renzo Tonin & Associates the acoustical consultants, the building design included two swimming pools: a half sized Olympic Swimming Pool on the 1st floor, and a general swimming pool on level 22 of the Sheraton on the Park Hotel.

Both pools required complete isolation to ensure noise and vibration did not transmit through the rest of the building. The swimming pool on level 1 was built on 163 mounts, while the smaller pool on level 22 sits atop 51 spring mountings. The mountings were evenly spaced, and pre-compressed, absorbing the total load capacity of the swimming pool and vibration generated by pool usage.

Embelton is one of the leading suppliers of complete swimming pool isolation systems, and recent major projects have included the Meriton Apartments in Sydney, the QV1 building in Melbourne, and the Q1 Penthouse in Brisbane.

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